In commemoration of the Fourth Anniversary of the Foundation
More than Four years have passed since the creation of Tamkine Foundation; We celebrate by committing ourselves to quadruple our efforts.
We have achieved so much in such a short period of time.
Yesterday’s question was: is this project feasible? We never stopped doubting, wondering as well about the relevance of the concept itself, the digital tools that we proposed to develop for its implementation as for the expected impact.
Today and after four years of struggle, hard work, questioning, confidence in the relevance of our approach, the efforts we have devoted to its implementation, and the results that we have generated speak of themselves. We were right to trust our ingenuity, reason to adopt an Innovative and Creative approach to Information and Communication Technologies in the education act: Our results are the best indicator; we are on the right track.
Today more than ever, we must continue, we must develop and strengthen the implementation of our programs through this Innovative and Creative use of Information and Communication Technologies in educating the young generation.
Tamkine Tutoring, Tamkine Excellence, the other programs we created and implemented during the last four years, and recently, Tamkine Academy, which has already given rise to Tamkine Seminars, and Tamkine Workplace, are but a few milestones of this great dream, the advent of which we have all got down to.
More than ever before, our country needs our initiative, our resolve, our commitment, our determination and our ingenuity paid off when the situation was normal. Nowadays, this is the challenge that we will take up and will succeed in achieving.
We are inspired by the Royal orientations in matters of Education and Training, by the Declaration of His Majesty making Education the Second National Priority after Territorial Integrity; by His Majesty’s determination to provide the country with the competences and profiles required to ensure its economic and social development.
Our actions on the field are but an active implementation of the principles dear to His Majesty, which the Sovereign emphasized in his declaration.
Let’s say it today with confidence, this confinement due to the pandemic is an opportunity that drives us to give the best of ourselves in order to succeed in the transformation of our education system initiated by the public authorities in charge of the sector.
We dedicate our work to His Majesty King Mohamed VI may God assist him.
We reiterate and confirm our commitment and our determination to make our contribution to the qualitative improvement of education undertaken by the heads of the Department of Education, and at their head Doctor Saaid Amzazi, Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, to those who have always trusted us and have given us their support; teachers, inspectors, students, parents, as well as the whole educational administration system and the greater Tamkine community.
Sincere thanks to our partners, active throughout the country, we share with you today our determination, as a Citizen Foundation, our commitment and our resolution to make our active contribution to the qualitative improvement of education in our country.

#Together we will succeed.

The President : Dr. Abdelilah Kadili