President's Speech

First of all, I would like to thank all those who placed their trust in us; our numerous partners in Morocco and abroad; who believed in us, adopted our approach and contributed to the spread of our dynamic; those who have, whenever the opportunity presented itself, confirmed their support.
To the staff of the Foundation, I would like to express my affection for you, and to express my pride in working with all of you.
Six years since the creation of the Tamkine Foundation; many programs implemented on the ground, everywhere, by the dynamic team that you are; made up of young talents trained in public schools; programs benefiting hundreds of thousands of learners, thousands of teachers, parents, education administration officials across the Kingdom directly and via the Tamkine Platforms; contacts, meetings and working sessions with representatives of local authorities, civil society, the media; national support and guidance days; virtual open days; participation in dozens of conferences, round tables, forums to present the serious, committed work of the Foundation; more and more partners in Morocco and around the world who trust us, join our dynamic and bring us their support...
This is Tamkine, a great inclusive, participative, contributory and partnership based dynamic, making its innovative approach and creative integration of Information and Communication Technologies in education the best way to contribute in a meaningful and active way to the qualitative improvement of education and its transformation.
Our relevant approach, underpinned by the Royal declaration making Education the Second National Priority after Territorial Integrity, taking into account the transformations in the environment of the education system, is today reinforced by the roadmap of the new development model which has retained as its first strategic axis: quality education for all. This, in our view, requires the involvement of all stakeholders in the educational process, the strengthening of their skills, their interactions and their active contribution; it requires the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies in a thoughtful, organized and consistent manner and their use for the implementation of specific programs for each of these stakeholders: this is what inspired the development of the Tamkine Equation for the Qualitative Improvement of Education.
As we embark on our seventh year, with just as much dedication, self-sacrifice, a sense of civic duty, we are indeed determined to act on each of the components of this equation; we are determined to strengthen our presence on the ground, to open up more to our national,regional, continental and international environments; to be attentive to draw inspiration from the achievements of these environments, to seize the opportunities for collaboration they offer, to develop programs and ensure their implementation on the ground in a joint manner. Reality of today and certainly that of tomorrow and the years to come, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Immersive Reality and the Metaverse, we intend to take advantage of them to any useful extent in our contribution to the qualitative improvement of education and its transformation not only in Morocco, throughout the world, and in a very particular way on the continent.
It's a choice we make thoughtfully, responsibly and deliberately; it stems from our civic conviction that at #Tamkine_together_we_will_succeed .

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The President : Dr. Abdelilah Kadili