-Sup' Management Of Fes Is A New Major Partner Of The Tamkine Foundation

The Tamkine Foundation for Excellence and Creativity and Sup' Management signed, this Tuesday, March 1, 2022, a strategic partnership agreement defining the joint actions that both parties agreed to undertake in a collaborative and partnership dynamics, aiming at the qualitative improvement of education in Morocco, with a great opening on the African continent.

"Mr. President, I propose to you to take our partnership, its programs, and the actions that we will organize together beyond the borders of our country. Our presence in Africa reinforced by the Tamkine Foundation through the launch of the Tamkine Ifriqiya Program on the 16th of last month in Laayoune, capital of the Kingdom's Saharan provinces, is not a fortuitous act, but rather an action to consolidate our African dynamics, a dynamic in which you join us today," said, the President of the Tamkine Foundation, Abdelilah KADILI