The President Of Mohammed Premier University And The Vice-President Of Euopia Honorary Members Of The Tamkine Foundation After The Signing Of A Partnership Agreement

Doctor Abdelilah Kadili, President of the Tamkine Foundation, by offering the Foundation's pins, after signing  a framework partnership agreement between the Tamkine Foundation and the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda, on the sidelines of the week of the organized by the University; welcomed as honorary member of the Foundation, Professor Yassine Zaghloul, President of Mohammed Premier University, and Mr. Jérôme Ribeiro, CEO Opale SAS and Vice-President of EuropIA.
"This new partnership and this openness to the dynamic initiated by the University and by EuropIA around artificial intelligence and its new structure: The House of Artificial Intelligence, the first of its kind in the Mediterranean and on the Continent, will undoubtedly enrich no doubt the action of the Foundation focused on the qualitative improvement of education and will contribute to carrying its message and its dynamic beyond the borders of our country because of the will of the new partners and the resources brought together” , was to tell us Doctor Kadili .