From the President

From the President

Dear Friends, it is an honor to write these words to express the immense pride, the extreme joy that I feel in presiding the Tamkine Foundation which is incepted to string our civic contribution along with the qualitative improvement of both national and international educational systems. The support that we have been enjoying ever since we launched this endeavor, the partnerships we have contracted, since the very beginning of the Foundation three years ago, with very diversified organizations national, continental and international ones  as well as civil societies, while being the framework that we consider to be appropriate for any undertaking focused on the qualitative improvement of education, honor our Foundation, feed our determination, and underpin our action.

During these three years of existence, we devoted ourselves to implement our programs, consolidate their contours and extend their impact through an innovative and creative integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The tours and the meetings we had, did put us in touch with hundreds of central, regional and provincial officials, dozens of school principals and inspectors, in addition to thousands of teachers, students and parents. Throughout these meetings and encounters, we felt the need for a qualitative improvement of education and appreciated the enthusiastic determination of all the contributors.

We consider ourselves mobilized alongside all of you to ascertain this great plan, which takes its marks from the orientations of His Majesty the King who has repeatedly highlighted the very crucial importance of quality education for our national development, and who has declared it to be our Second Priority after the Country’s Territorial Integrity; and we are endeavoring to translate His Majesty declaration on the ground through very innovative programs as to their approach and very proactive as to implementation.   

We are very pleased with the results we achieved in such a short time, which attests not only to the relevance of our approach but also to the dynamics and commitment of our team and that of all the members of our large TAMKINE COMMUNITY. We are confident that with the support and the involvement of our members and partners, the best is yet to come.


                                                                                                              The President of the Tamkine foundation

                                                                                                               The Doctor Abdelilah Kadili

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لكي تكون أول من يعلم بجميع أخبار مؤسسة تمكين ، اشترك في نشرتنا الإخبارية وكن على اطلاع دائم


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