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poster en 7 February 2020

A visit to Ibn Rochd high school in Tiznit

poster en 7 February 2020

Presentation and Training session on the use of Tamkine Platform

poster en 6 February 2020

A visit to Three high schools in Taroudant

poster en 6 February 2020

Presentation and Training session on the use of Tamkine Platform

poster en 5 February 2020

An Official visit to Al Maarifa high school in Inzegan Ait Melloul

poster en 5 February 2020

Presentation and Training session on the use of Tamkine Platform for the teachers in Inzegane

poster en 17 January 2020

Tamkine Foundation organized a training and certificating session in Ben Guerir beside initiating Tamkine Rooms under the partnership framework with the OCP Foundation

poster en 14 January 2020

An official visit to both a high and a primary school in Bin Gandouz

poster en 13 January 2020

An official visit to Al-Wahda Middle School

poster en 10 January 2020

Certification ceremony on the use of Tamkine Platform Organized by the President of Tamkine Foundation and the head of the Regional Center of Education and Professional Training
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Tamkine Tutoring
The program is a response to the studies’ field and the needs expressed by students and their parents, teachers, inspectors and officials of educational administration. The program was designed and tested at the level of two regional departments of the Regional Academy of Education and Training Rabat-Salé-Kenitra. The program has proved after its experience the importance and efficiency and potential impact on the quality of the educational system.
As you know, society, economy and the world today face unprecedented challenges, which require finding innovative solutions to face them including training students to be creative rationally and behaviorally (by involving) citizens and economic actors in the twenty-first century, in addition to the necessity of education as an economic and social issue.
Tamkine Center of Studies and Researches in Education
The Center aims to encourage creativity in education and to stimulate educational success in Morocco.
The Center seeks to impose its presence and confirm its role and scientific importance in the field of education and training.
The Center also aims to contribute in the progress of knowledge in the field of educational research by creating a dynamic of interactions between research, training and the educational field.
The Tamkine club is an educational program, emerging and supportive that has been set up to contribute in the preparation of today’s young people to become future citizens, savvy, invested and supportive. TAMKNE clubs provide an opportunity for our youth to respond to their desire to participate and engage through solidarity and citizenship.
TAMKINE Africa was born after the success of TAMKINE’s tutoring program in Morocco, especially because of the difficulties faced by sub-Saharan African students in advancing the curriculum.
TAMKINE Africa aims to provide real support to students in sub-Saharan Africa.
The Tamkine Caravan is another essential program of Tamkine device by its form, its substance that of the activities it organizes, the people it engages, and the dynamics that it engenders.
The Tamkine Caravan is one of the means of communication around the Foundation’s programs, it aims to raise awareness, mobilize and involve students and their parents, teachers, senior management of educational institutions, as well as members of civil society in the TAMKINE Dynamics.
TAMKINE’s entrepreneurship training program was launched to enhance the entrepreneurial sense of students. This initiative is part of the logic that attaches great importance to dialogue and the exchange of experiences and knowledge, enabling young people to explore the world of entrepreneurship and economic life.
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