Why TAMKINE Club program?

The Tamkine club is an educational program, emerging and supportive that has been set up to contribute in the preparation of today’s young people to become future citizens, savvy, invested and supportive. TAMKINE clubs provide an opportunity for our youth to respond to their desire to participate and engage through solidarity and citizenship.

At Tamkine Foundation, we believe that the student’s learning and personal development goes beyond the wall school grounds. Therefore, TAMKINE Foundation offers, as part of its clubs, a set of integrated activities for the benefit of students in order to enable them to be active and fulfilled within their groups and societies. It should be noted that in school a child learns, grows, thinks, works and solves problems and produces things, takes part in excursions, plays theatrical pieces and animates sports, artistic and literary events, and through all these activities he flourishes and learns; this is intended to prepare them for the future life and, to this end, the Foundation seeks to activate existing clubs and to create others within institutions that do not have them.

Develop the learners’ skills and competences in the following areas: cognitive, sensory, kinetic and psychological.

Put learners in positions that allow them to meet their needs to develop the aspects mentioned above.

Utilization and exploitation of all spaces in various educational institutions.

To develop learners’ capacities of organization, coordination and leadership.

Reinforce the sense of belonging, responsibility and duty.


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Adresse: Zalagh Street, 4th Floor, Agdal, Rabat.

Télephone: +212 537 708 391

E-mail: contact@tamkine.org

Ouverture: 9:00 – 18:00

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