As you know, society, economy and the world today face unprecedented challenges, which require finding Tamkine’s Creativity Program solutions to face them including training students to be creative rationally and behaviorally (by involving) citizens and economic actors in the twenty-first century, in addition to the necessity of education as an economic and social issue.

TAMKINE’s Creativity Program enables a new and more innovative generation to develop collaborative teamwork and openness to each other as a necessity to express individual and collective potentials. Moreover, beyond education, schools should also focus on building student’s personality that will allow them to find their place in the community.

By initiating this program, which is based on the conviction that Creativity is not only inseparable from the school learning process, but also reinforces its dynamics, TAMKINE Foundation proposes to contribute to the encouragement of students’ creativity either academically or artistically, offering them the opportunity to attend various workshops and meetings organized in partnerships with institutions and specialized organizations, and supervised by experts in various fields in order to evaluate any innovative and creative project and strive to improve and develop it. (Program in testing phase)

The objective of this project is to contribute in widening the intellectual and creative horizons of the learners, their learning capacities, to encourage, to frame the expression of the vocations and to contribute to their expression by favoring their exposure in relation with experts and professionals from the target sectors.

Creativity day, a large demonstration aimed at presenting and selecting the creative and Tamkine’s Creativity Program projects carried out by students belonging to the educational institutions of the twelve regional academies of education and training as well as the social welfare institutions of the national cooperation.

The innovation day is Organized in some institutions that are partners of the foundation. The Creativity Day allows the exhibition of the best projects from various government departments, and of private business owners, and ended by awarding the best of these projects and their adoption and support for a possible realization.


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As you know, society, economy and the world today face unprecedented challenges, which require finding Tamkine’s Creativity Program solutions to fac...

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