TAMKINE ifriqiya was born after the success of TAMKINE’s tutoring program in Morocco, especially because of the difficulties faced by sub-Saharan ifriqiya students in advancing the curriculum.

TAMKINE ifriqiya aims to provide real support to students in sub-Saharan Africa.

TAMKINE IFRIQIYA: another program of the Tamkine Foundation that is supposed to be launched in 2019 in order to play the following roles;

  • Interface between the ifriqiya educational system and its students, teachers and educational administration on one hand, and then between this system and the Moroccan educational system with all its components of educational institutions and public and private universities and colleges on the other hand.
  • A convergence for experts, teachers, researchers and administrators of the educational system.
  • A dynamic orientation, coaching, reception and accompaniment for both local students and foreigners.
  • A platform that provides information on educational studies and research opportunities, as well as opportunities for framing and benefiting from research grants and scholarships obtained from both Moroccan and international universities.
  • Forum for research and exchange of best experiences and expertise in the field of education.
  • A structure of organization of round tables, Conferences, congresses and symposiums that allow the encounters with the African partners, universities and institutes, in addition to the members of the civil societies concerned with the future of education to ensure its qualitative improvement.
  • A space for monitoring the outstanding students in their home countries and those who excelled in Moroccan universities, colleges, high schools and institutes with an attempt of framing them and preparing them to contribute in the economic and social development of their countries.


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