Tamkine Foundation


The reason after gathering in this Foundation is a mirror of our willingness, our commitment and determination to contribute in not only guidance and supervision, but also the educational support for learners. This support can be easily reached through informational and communicational technologies, along with other materials that help achieve a good learning environment.

TAMKINE Foundation for excellence and creativity, is both Non-governmental and Non-profit Organization, it is also an increasing community of abilities and multiple expertise.

TAMKINE Foundation is aware of the educational problems in Morocco, as it also makes sure to respond to HM the king Mohammed VI’s declaration in assuming that education is a biological need, which is given the second priority after territorial integrity.

Moreover, TAMKINE Foundation is an inclusive dynamic known for its awareness, determination and civic responsibility calling on parents, teachers, administrations of education and citizens of all stripes to fully and actively volunteer in the continuous qualitative improvement of the educational system.

 Believing in our mission and assuring the importance of our approach, we, members of TAMKINE FOUNDATION for EXCELLENCE and CREATIVITY,  are contented that every student has a potential excellence and creativity based on multiple intelligence approach.  Each student has the right to be oriented, supervised and accompanied; as he/she also deserves to have the means to be successful in their schooling, and to be prepared to enter the labor market to contribute in both economic and social development of the country.

Adresse: Zalagh Street, 4th Floor, Agdal, Rabat.

Télephone: +212 537 708 391

E-mail: contact@tamkine.org

Ouverture: 9:00 – 18:00

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