Mission and Values

Our values

While our action is fueled by our will to do everything to make an active and active contribution to building a quality education in line with the aspirations of the citizens of our country, and our determination to contribute to improvement qualitative of what exists, we draw our values from planetary ones. They are indeed those of solidarity with all those carrying the same ideals, integrity in action, humanism in participation and contribution, patriotism in construction, independence in reflection, patriotism and citizenship in the implementation.


As a Non-Governmental Organization, Tamkine Foundation derives its independence from this name, which is governed by the laws governing associative action.


Integrity and Respect are fundamental values for Tamkine Foundation, they both inspire our programs and guide our actions and are supported by all those who officially work for our Foundation (employees, volunteers, Directors, etc.).


Our civic responsibility is the heart of our choices, our missions and our actions.


This value is deeply linked to our deep attachment, our dedication to our Country, and our commitment to devote all the values, the priorities defined by His Majesty in his declaration of March 25, 2013 making Education the second national priority after the territorial integrity and its various discourses around the importance of quality education and training. Through our various citizen and voluntary actions, we contribute to economic development …


 Tamkine Foundation considers education as a priority which should in no case be subjected to interests of any kind. The education offered must be comprehensive, that is to say allow the integral development of the individual, his thoughts, feelings and acts, all in coherence. The purpose of education is part of the social change we are proposing; to form future generations for the society which we aspire, a humanist society. It is in action within society that humanist ideals can be realized.


We are in solidarity with all programs, projects and actions focused on improving the quality of the educational system, Patriotism, the performance of its schools, and those of the learners who attend them.

Our vision

Tamkine Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Defend the universal right of access to quality education.
  • Support the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the results of pupils, students and teachers as well as those of the educational administration.
  • Mobilize the various actors of education (State, Academies, Teaching corps, Corps of Inspectors, Administrative bodies, Local authorities, Civil society, Parents of pupils, Pupils) in order to work for the success of all the development projects of the educational system.

To be recognized as a benchmark nationally and globally in educational transformation and innovation through the improvement of the education of millions of pupils and students based on the integration of Information and communication Technologies.

Adresse: Zalagh Street, 4th Floor, Agdal, Rabat.

Télephone: +212 537 708 391

E-mail: contact@tamkine.org

Ouverture: 9:00 – 18:00

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