Tamkine Entrepreneurship Program

Why Tamkine Entrepreneurship Program?

Itamkine’s Entrepreneurship Training Program Was Launched To Enhance The Entrepreneurial Sense Of Students. This Initiative Is Part Of The Logic That Attaches Great Importance To Dialogue And The Exchange Of Experiences And Knowledge, Enabling Young People To Explore The World Of Entrepreneurship And Economic Life.

Presentation Of Tamkine Entrepreneurship Program

Tamkine Entrepreneurship Aims To Provide A Framework And A Support To Students Who Are Eager To Develop Their Capabilities And&Nbsp;Competences In This Field, As Well As To Build Their Economic And Social Projects Throughout The Will For Self-Reliance And Accompanying Young People With The Same Desire, Where Tamkine’s Task Is To Provide Support, Guidance And A Package Of Knowledgeable, Psychological And Physical Accompanying.

It Also Engages Professors, Specialists And Business Leaders In Both The Development And The Implementation Of Its Content.

It Also Provides Students Taking Part In This Program Practical Training In The Field Of Entrepreneurship In Companies, Institutions And University Laboratories With Which The Foundation Holds A Partnership, As Well As National And International Public Institutions.


Strengthen The Links Between Educational Institutions And The Business World.

Ensure A Better Match Between The Profiles Of Young Graduates And The Demands On The Labor Market.

To Develop The Spirit Of Taking Initiative And Leadership In Learners.

Encourage Creativity And Develop A Sense Of Responsibility.

Enable Young People To Discover The Entrepreneurship Field And Economic Life.