Our reason to be: A citizen's choice, thoughtful, deliberate, voluntary, humanistic, and responsible:
TAMKINE - EMPOWER is the expression of our raison to be at the Foundation; it is also the literal transcription of our will, our commitment, and our determination to do everything possible to contribute to the supervision, orientation, accompaniment, and academic support of the learner and his access via Information and Communication Technologies to the means and tools that allow him to have a quality academic career and results.
Thus, the TAMKINE Foundation for Excellence and Creativity, a non-profit non-governmental organization, is a growing community of diverse, passionate, and motivating skills and expertise, aware of the problems of education in Morocco, and eager to respond to the declaration of His Majesty King Mohammed VI making the vital need for quality education the second national priority after territorial integrity.
It is also an inclusive dynamic that calls upon all of us, parents, teachers, educational administrators, and citizens of all backgrounds, with awareness, determination, and civic responsibility, to engage voluntarily, actively, and actively in the continuous qualitative transformation and improvement of our country's educational system.
We are particularly convinced that every pupil or student, whatever his social origin, his ethnicity, his language, or the financial situation of his family, must be accompanied, supervised, and oriented; and must not, under any condition, or for lack of these means, be obliged to abandon his studies or to opt for a path that will not allow him to fully realize himself and to contribute actively and actively to the economic and social development of the Country.