Excellence Program

Why Tamkine Excellence Program?

The Existence Of A Strong System That Matches With Social And Economic Changes And Developments, Which Possess Tools And Mechanism To Respond The Needs And The Requirements Of Changing Reality Is The Basis Of Developed And Prosperous Societies. Tamkine Foundation Projects Are Funded By Its Partners, Corporate Citizens, National And International Foundations And Specialized Organization, Which Call On Parents, Guardians And Civil Society To Be Engaged And Contribute In The Project That Aims To Help Graduates Become Personally And Economically Productive And To Help Them Become Active Citizens In Their Communities.

The Number Of Successful Students In High School Has Been Increasing Every Year, While The Number Of People Attending National And International Universities Is Shrinking From Year To Year.

Tamkine Foundation’s Actions, Activities And The Projects It Develops And Implements With The Support And Participation Of Its Partners, And In Close Collaboration With The Governmental Authorities In Charge Of National Education And The Higher Education, Aim To Strengthen Students’ Learning Abilities And Their Academic Performance, Especially In Scientific Subjects, Which Is Likely To Increase The Number Of Students Who Can Access Universities.

Nowadays, Our Graduates Are The Most Competitive, And More Interested In Modern Technologies Compared To What They Were In The Past. Therefore, It Is Imperative To Provide Them With The Necessary And Appropriate Tools To Enhance And Develop Their Receptive Capacities, Facilitate Their Integration Into The Productive World And Contribute To The Economic And Social Development Of The Country.

This Is The Challenge That Tamkine Foundation Has Set For Itself, Which It Intends To Achieve And Reach In Cooperation With National Actors And Partnerships Private Organizations And Institutions And Civil Society Associations, Also Through The Involvement Of People Of Goodwill Throughout The Kingdom.

This Innovative Dynamic Will Enable Us To Enhance And Develop The Educational Capabilities Of The Target Group, Thus Contribute To The Improvement Of Their Academic Results And Identify The Outstanding Students, So That They Receive The Guidance And Framing Necessary To Enter Universities That Will Enable Them To Achieve Their Hopes And Goals They Set For Themselves.

As A First Step, Tamkine Excellence Is Another Milestone Of The Foundation’s Innovative And Creative Device That Aims To Award Each Year Ten (10) Per Cent Of The Students Who Have Benefited From Tamkine’s Educational Support Program And Those Who Have Passed The Baccalaureate Exams And Excelled.

The Foundation&Nbsp;Devotes&Nbsp;Rewards In The Form Of Scholarships, Universities Registration Along With Plane Tickets And Transportation To Participate In The Admission Exams. The Foundation Also Gives Scientific, Didactic And Research Equipment (Laptop, Tablets…) And It Also Organizes Advanced French And English Courses In The Field Of Business, Coaching And Orientation Assignments.

Students Who Were Selected And Awarded By Tamkine Excellence Will Also Receive A Card Allowing Them A Continuous Access To The Foundation’s Activities, Capacity-Building Seminars, Orientation Sessions, Conferences, Roundtables And Meetings With Leaders Of National And International Companies.

Once This First Part Of Tamkine Excellence Has Been Implemented And Its First Results Have Been Analyzed To Ensure Its Effectiveness, The Project Management Team In Coordination With Other Project Managers Intends To Establish A Professional Excellence Site That Aims To Organize Training Courses For Paramedical Staff, Secretaries And Management Assistants With International Benchmarking.

The Importance Of This Project Lies In The Needs And Requirements Dictated By The Labor Market. The Foundation Intends To Submit The Implementation Of This Innovative Project To Funding National Organizations And Specialized International Foundations.

The Successful Experiences Of Some Countries In This Field, Such As Egypt And Jordan, To Name A Few, Lead Us To Approach This Second Component Of The Tamkine Excellence Project With Serenity And Optimism.

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