Tamkine Tutoring Program

The Reason Of Tamkine Tutoring Program

The Program Is A Response To The Studies’ Field And The Needs Expressed By Students And Their Parents, Teachers, Inspectors And Officials Of Educational Administration. The Program Was Designed And Tested At The Level Of Two Regional Departments Of The Regional Academy Of Education And Training Rabat-Salé-Kenitra. The Program Has Proved After Its Experience The Importance And Efficiency And Potential Impact On The Quality Of The Educational System.

It Is An Innovative Approach That Seeks To Integrate Ict In The Learning Process.

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The Foundation Actively Contributes To The Qualitative Improvement Of The National Educational System And Aims To Provide Equal Opportunities For All Students.


Presentation Of Tamkine Tutoring Program

An Innovative Program Based On Developing Tamkine Platform That Is Dedicated To Support/Remediation Education.


Providing Support/Remediation Lessons To Students In Various Streams, On A Voluntary Basis, Which Contributes In Increasing The Cost-Effectiveness Of Students’ Learning, And Improve Their Performance And Educational Results.

Operational Objectives (1St Phase)

– Prepare Tamkine’s Broadcasting And Receiving Rooms For Supporting Sessions Through *Tamkine Tutoring* Platform Within Schools In Partnership With The Foundation And For All The Educational Levels Across The Kingdom.
– Forming Teachers On The Technical And Pedagogical Components Of The Platform And Certify Them, With The Goal Of Forming A Network Of Qualified Volunteer Teachers In Various Subjects And Courses, Who Are Able To Provide Support/Remediation Sessions Via Tamkine Platform In An Effective And Innovative Way.

Achievements To Date

So Far, We Have:

260,000 Beneficiaries.

1000 Volunteer Professors, Including 720 Accredited Under The Tamkine Certification Program.

More Than 120 Educational Inspectors.

1202 Tamkine Rooms.

Target Population

All Students, Boys And Girls, Especially Those From Low-Income Families, Remote And Marginalized Regions.